2016 Baby Toys Based On Age

2016 Baby toys – The presumption adults to babies who do not understand anything to make a baby has a passive nature . Although not understand something , baby needs proper stimulation in order to understand and gain new experiences . One form of such stimulation are playing . 2016 Baby toys as important as other needs , ie health , nutrition , and proper education . Of course , the game is very different for babies with games on children older than her age .

Prior discussed toy for baby , needs to be examined first sense play . Play is an enjoyable recreational activity . Play is a child’s world . Through the game , all the babies who were born into this world can learn . By playing , exploration of the world’s infants and enriching experience. Playing is a baby’s main activity in interacting with the environment . In the play , babies learn to feel compassion , tasting the taste , and touch all sorts of objects were found. All of which opens the opportunity for infants to discover and develop imagination .

It can be seen from the statement of Jean Piaget (1972 ) on how children learn , ” Kids should be able to conduct their own experiments and research . Teachers , of course , can lead children by providing the right ingredients , but the most important for children to understand something , he must build a sense of itself . She had to find her own ” .

Babies need toys that are appropriate to their age and stage of development. Here are some things why infants need to play :

•Babies learn through interaction of self and the environment ( objects and people ) by means of using all senses .

•Babies learn in a pleasant atmosphere so that the nerves of the brain open and ready to accept new things .

•More and more aspects touched by the baby , the more he learns. While playing all aspects of the physical, social , emotional , cognitive , and language is used actively .

•Babies learn if given the opportunity repeatedly and regularly .

•Babies learn if appropriate stage of its development .

Election baby toys

In the selection of 2016 baby toys , but must be adapted to the age , also must be considered aspects that should be developed at 0-12 months . Tools educational games is actually something that takes a baby to play , which contains educational values so beneficial in developing the full potential of the baby . By looking at the aspects of the development and characteristics of the baby , there are several requirements that must be educational games tools provided include :

•Contains educational value so as to develop the potential of children .

•Safe for babies .

•Appeal to the baby , such as a brightly colored , can emit sounds , can move or be moved , thrown light on the baby .

•Durable , not easily broken , easily maintained and cleaned .

•Do not damage the health of the baby , for example, are not made of material that is easy feathers floating so that inhaled by the baby’s breathing .

•The size and shape according to age .

•Simple , easy to make, and inexpensive .

•Do not endanger the health of infants .

•Do not boring and varied .

Meanwhile , based on age , it is a toy that is needed is as follows :

1.Infants aged 0-3 months

•Tools iridescence , eg paper flags , handkerchiefs , and cloths . Tool game was played in front of the baby , then held on his hands alternately to train the baby’s motor .

•Tool game emit sounds , such as music boxes or tubes that side of the former grain and sealed . Music box played to train the baby’s hearing sensitivity and can improve baby’s ability to recognize and distinguish voice tones .

•Tools hung game , for example woven colorful paper hanging on the ceiling of the house or colorful balloons .

2. Infants aged 3-6 months

•Tools can be kicked game , for example balls , bolsters small , small pillows .

•A safe game put into the mouth , such as a piece of baby biscuits , small chocolate pieces , to train the fine motor children .

•Tool reads the game , for example, a tube containing grains .

•A safe game to be bitten , such as baby bites .

•Tools hung game .

•A game that can be achieved .

3. Infants aged 6-9 months

•Tool game sounds .

•Tools to play a game of water when showering , for example, stuffed animals from materials that can float .

•A game that could be struck .

•Tools that can play his reflection .

•A safe game to be bitten .

•Tools that can be explored children’s games .

4. Infants aged 9-12 months

•Beams toy .

•Tools can move game .

•Tools can be drawn game .

•Tool game can be explored .

The tools of this game should be equipped with the music or the sounds that can stimulate the baby ‘s intellectual development .

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