8 Mistakes We Make in Living Room Design

4. Displaying too much memorabilia.
It’s perfectly fine to have a few pictures on the mantelpiece and a couple of things you brought home from a vacation, but there’s no need to put all of the crap you brought home from abroad on display. No one wants to see it and it’ll just end up gathering dust in the end.

5. Not having enough seating.
Minimalism is great, but you have to be realistic when it comes to seating. You can’t expect all your guests to fit on one sofa. Get a couple of chairs, or invest into furniture pieces that are multifunctional, like a coffee table that can double as a bench. Think about how many people can fit at your dining table – that’s probably how many seats you need in the living room.

6. Not having throw pillows.
If you want your living room to look cozy you can never have too many throw pillows. They are basically magic when it comes to adding a splash of color and character and they instantly make the couch look more cozy and inviting. Plus, depending on their size, they might come in handy when you have lots of guests, you can just throw them on the floor and sit on them.

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