11 Incredible Bathroom Designs That Will Make You Ready To Renovate.

Incredible Bathroom Designs-Bath time has gotten so blase lately. Sure, you could liven things up with cute bath accessories. For those of us looking to kick things up with a little more than a simple curtain or mat can bring, these are the exact options you”re looking for.

Imagine how relaxed you could be right now with #3… Or terrified with #9. Yikes! Do they sell this stuff at Bed, Bath and Beyond? Maybe in the beyond section…

1. Real Moss Bath Mat

Real Moss Bath Mat

2. Patterned Sink

Patterned Sink

3. Hammock Tub

Hammock Tub

4. Ammonite Sink

Ammonite Sink

5. Clear Tub

Clear Tub

6. ..or this slightly fancier Glass Tub

..or this slightly fancier Glass Tub

7. Yellow Submarine Bathroom

Yellow Submarine Bathroom

8. Aquarium Sink

Aquarium Sink

9. A See-Through, Bottomless Floor

A See-Through, Bottomless Floor

10. Amethyst Sink

Amethyst Sink

11. Icy Sink

Icy Sink

(via Bored Panda.)

Now my bathroom seems more disappointing than usual. I could try to dress it up with some candles and bath salts but… It just won”t be the same. I guess it”s time to renovate!

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