23 Simple Living Room Ideas

Simple Living Room Ideas – The design of his ordinary living room will make a person like his home, if his living room is nice and comfortable, we do not need to stay in the room alone or even outside the house.

The living room is a place to receive guests, but most are now used for living rooms too, then what if creating a design that can make the atmosphere look more comfortable and friendly? There may be some tips you need to do with your home design.

If you normally ignore the design of the house, you should start at this time with a nice and beautiful so that your family feel at home.

Well, this time we will give some tips to arrange the minimalist living room design simple but still comfortable below:

Simple Living Room Tips

1. Use White Curtains

If at your house there are curtains or window coverings, you should use only white color to make your living room look more friendly. Colorful curtains will make your living room more cheerful, but it does not show a comfortable enough and relaxed atmosphere to be with family.

2. Use Soft Color Paint

Use paint colors that are not too flashy like soft blue, white, soft yellow and others so you can feel togetherness with your family. Soft colors will create a warmer atmosphere between you and your family when gathered together in the living room.

Guests who come will certainly also feel familiarity with you, comfortable and comfortable will make guests like to visit your home, so do not be surprised if later many guests.

3. The Simple Interior

Do not use interior design that is too heavy or cheerful such as colorful, gelamor lamps, dark flower vases and others. Just use a white flower vase with a white light as well, but the vase of his flowers use the existing image.

Put flowers in it, and add some interior items that if not make the living room crowded so that the relaxing and comfortable atmosphere that has been created.

For more, let’s see first example of minimalist living room design simple but still comfortable following:

simple living room ideas


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