25 Open Riser Stairs Design Ideas

Open riser stairs can be one of your choices in choosing the type of stairs. An open ascension ladder is one in which the “ascent” – the vertical space between the adjacent tracks – is open, rather than closed. This construction offers unobstructed views between treads and the only ladder design option is rapidly growing in popularity in both residential and commercial environments.

The growing open trend of elevators is due in large part to the transparency offered by the design. By allowing daylight to shine through a staircase, the building offers a modern and airy air while giving the perception of a larger space. Typically seen in contemporary stair designs, the open stile choice offers a modern and sophisticated appearance with an airy feel.

Open rise staircases are not only used within interior spaces; they are an excellent choice for exterior stairs as well. Below, a modern, straight mono stringer staircase enhances a building exterior with clean lines. Steel cables accent the hand-forged metal handrail and newels, creating a high-end look.

Open Riser Stairs

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