26 Kosher Kitchen Design Ideas

Kosher Kitchen Design – Just about all kitchens have a drain, a refrigerator, and a stove installed in a particular pattern that allows for storage, prep, cooking and cleaning. In a kosher kitchen, you have to pick two overlapping triangles for meat and dairy. Which means double basins and double stoves, and many prefer double dish washers and refrigerators as well.

This means that kosher kitchens need more forethought than the average kitchen and since there refuses to just be double kitchen appliances, but also silverware, food, bowls, pots, pans and glassware, storage is heading to be your main concerns. In some instances, not only are various meats and dairy supposed to be stored separately but so are unleavened bread for Passover

Pertaining to countertops you desire a hard surface. When you are thinking about countertops you want to make certain that the counter is straightforward to keep and durable. Since the splitting up of meat and whole milk also applies to organizing food, any cracks can lead to contamination. Kitchen countertops are subjected to a kashering process in order to clean them.

Intended for the kosher kitchen quartz countertops are ideal floors. Quartz is an extremely hard surface that’s non porous and doesn’t require wrapping up rendering it one of the better for organizing foods. For this reason they are suitable for active family homes or anybody who wishes quick and easy clean-up.

Stainless steel sinks are another amenity present in the kosher kitchen. Stainless-steel is a material which can be kashered and cleaned in many ways. You will need two basins in your kosher kitchen, one for meat and one for dairy. Take this into account when positioning the basins to allow for two prep areas.

Traditionally, Sabbath observance requires that Jews refrain from working and the use of electronics. For this reason a lot of appliance manufacturers have created a ‘Sabbath’ mode. There are a number of appliances that have been reviewed by Star-K Online which can be used in a kosher kitchen from top brands like Viking®, Whirlpool®, and Jenn-Air® and you can even find dishwashers from Maytag® and Electrolux®.

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