3 Element Of Home Design

There are several other supporting elements in the design of the house . Some people sometimes forget the element of home design , because of their ignorance in planning a healthy home . Continuing from the writings of the selection previously healthy building materials, this time about some elements of home design , which consists of color , aroma , and water


Each color has a different color wave length which gives a direct effect both physically and psychologically as mood , emotional , mental , as well as brain and mind. To get the color that best suits your individual life , ask yourself , ” If I want to change the color , what color I choose ? ” And that is the true color of your soul . We recommend that you have a choice of two colors which contrast.

Decide what colors make you feel happy when you’re around him , whether pastel colors are soft , bright colors that light up , light color light , or colors which tend to be dark . This color can be a reference color will be applied in each interior of your home . At some point you may want to change the color of your normal , this will also change the mood , feelings , and may also change your life .

In choosing colors , connect these colors with the colors that exist in nature . For example, we chose the color yellow , imagine some kind of yellow , like the golden yellow of the sun , or pale yellow roses , or dark yellow as the sun sets . After you choose one type of color , give also touch -related , for example, choose a bright yellow sunflowers , a sunflower painting a picture , so that the color you select becomes stronger


The second element of home design is aroma, when we smell a cake or savory foods , automatically your stomach will feel hungry and want to eat , smell the fragrance makes us feel fresh ; unpleasant smell makes us upset or nausea . This is because the smell wafted by the nose flowed into the brain so as to provide certain reactions of the body and mind.

When we smell fragrant , automatic mood and our thoughts will be carried away by the effect created by the smell, whether it be a happy , relaxed , happy , or excited. On the other hand , the smell will also affect the physical , for example certain smells like eucalyptus oil will ease breathing and bring freshness and energy for the body , inhaling the fragrance of coffee in the morning can be trusted to provide the same energy by drinking certain vitamin C. Aroma inside the house, like scented soaps from new bedding to be replaced , or a freshly ironed shirt which will give pleasure.

Therefore, it is not surprising that aromatherapy is now quite popular air freshener that is able to make residents feel more healthy , even used as a relaxation therapy to cure the disease or to generate energy. There are several ways utilizing aromatherapy . First , by using essential oils as a natural air freshener , usually burned with candle on a ceramic container . Secondly , with potpourri or dried herbs . You can also shed essential oil to the sponge that hung clothes closet . Different scents will give different effects . Therefore , choose a scent that suits your needs.

Here are the needs of aromatherapy as one element of home design:
Relaxation and sleep : sandalwood , chamomile , geranium , roses ,. These scents help you sleep more soundly , and when used for meditation room will help you more relaxed and calm
Fresh and clean : lemon , lavender , rose , eucalyptus , or eucalyptus . This smells very well be used in the shower . Fresh smells that are needed in the morning. Squirt some essential oil on potpourri bag in the morning inside the room , undoubtedly you will have more energy for the day’s activities
Romantic : jasmine , sandalwood . Soft jasmine and exotic sandalwood will make your bedroom romantic . Aroma is certainly well-liked for a bedroom or a bride.
Stimulating memory : basil , lemon grass , wine , camphor . Jobs that require high concentration and sharp memories will be helped with this aromatherapy
Healing emotions : geranium , rose , lemon
Getting rid of insects : lavender , lemongrass , basil , cinnamon
Warms and familiar : lavender , tangerine , lemon , citrus , orange , geranium . This smells very appropriate to be placed in the foyer and lounge. Lavender in particular will be a refreshing morning , whereas geraniums in the afternoon will create a relaxed atmosphere


The others element of home design is water, In addition to drink and clean up , water has other benefits . Water is a good conductor of electricity , much energy is channeled by water . Hydrotherapy or water therapy will generate electromagnetic balance in the body. Here the water serves to increase electrical power in the cells of the human body in addition to stimulating the muscles of the body to become more relaxed and calm.

That is why after a bath body feels fresh , passionate and energetic . Bath also makes the muscles become more supple and relaxed , so that the body becomes fatigue vanished .
No wonder that the ancient bath is a special procession , either for the kings who bathe in the special pool , as well as for the villagers who enjoy a long bath in the river flowing . Unfortunately at the present time where the time was running a lot of people do not concentrate on the freshness of the water when showering . Similarly, the narrowness of the house , making the area to soak sometimes no longer possible.

Some tips can be applied so that we can still get the freshness showers in total although with a limited or extensive house:
Shower , spray water from the top of the head that fell into the body will give you energy and freshness in a fairly short time . In addition, because it saves space , shower are also easily arranged in the tiny bathroom . Pick shower fairly wide , so that it can water the whole body and the water pressure high enough to provide freshness and a gentle massage for the body
Bathtub , is popularly used to shower with a dipper . Splash of water from scoop will make fresh , and we can set it to clean up step by step the parts of the body . But compared to shower , bathe like this way more waste water
Bath tub , excellent for bathing , especially using warm water . Soak in the bath tub will make the muscles become loose and relaxed body . If your bathroom is not allowed to have a bath tub , soaking can be replaced with a Japanese style , with wooden container like a bucket large enough and the container can be removed when not needed
Jacuzzi , Moving water is caused by pressure on the jacuzzi would be perfect for relaxation processes in the water . This water movement provides massage relaxes muscles and refreshes the body . Unfortunately, the price of a jacuzzi still relatively expensive . To obtain total freshness , give a few drops of essential oil into a tub or soak you . Aroma freshness will give new energy to your body

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