3 Things You Didn’t Know About The Floors

Most of us ignore the role of this one part of the building . Though the floors is a space-forming element that underlies all our daily activities . You want to know why the story is so important ? Here’s the explanation

Parts of the building that continued to receive loads

The floor is part of the building that continued to receive a fairly heavy burden. Not only of users, but also of inanimate objects are placed on it. Neither the burden of life-for example, users of the building, as well as the dead load, both giving a major influence on the condition of the building floor. So that the condition of the floor is maintained, the anticipation in the form of proper installation procedures, the selection of the right kind of floor coverings, and quality is very important to do.

Understand the true function of the building and what activities are taking place in it is a step that you should take, so that the condition of the building floor can last a long time. For example, the design of floors for housing is different from the design of the factory floor. Load floor in residences, much smaller than the load floor must be received factory floor. Therefore, you should select the factory floor of a material that is not too expensive, but it should be strong, wear resistant, and easily repaired if damage occurs. The right material for the concrete needs, among others.

The venue for the various activities

The floor is part of space that could be considered at most in touch with our daily activities. We could not have access to a space if not through the floor, as well as other simple activities, such as sitting on the floor or standing in front of the window to see who had arrived. For this reason, the design of the floor a comfortable, strong, and stable is an absolute requirement that must be met if you want all the activity takes place smoothly and enjoyable.

One of the designs of floor space should be calculated carefully is the living room floor. For almost all the family, this space is a central space, the venue for the various activities. Not just hang out and watch television, not infrequently this space is used as an impromptu dining room, children’s playroom, or even room guests receive close. If you tend to have a need like this, choose a flooring material is strong, easy to clean, but still impressive warm. A combination of tile floors and rugs or concrete floor with a glossy finish combined with the rug can be used as an alternative.

Indeed, quite a lot of considerations that must be taken so that you do not choose the wrong floors coverings. One tip to facilitate decision-making is to register any activity that usually takes place in every room of your house. Thus, you can more or less know the characteristics of the floor covering is needed.

Forming element and differentiator function space

Currently, open plan design for residential increasingly favored. Not only applied to a small house, this design can also be applied to a larger home. In addition to giving a sense of relief, is also impressive modern design.
Due to the open plan concept, the use of walls or vertical elements to differentiate functions minimized the amount of space, floor space more elements to be instrumental in identifying differences in the function of the space with another space.

Methods for distinguishing functions of this space can be reached in different ways, one of them by applying different materials to two adjoining function room. Pantry adjacent to the dining room, for example, can be distinguished by using hard wearing as concrete for the kitchen and parquet solid wood or warmer for the dining room. If funds are limited, you do not need to use the expensive wood. Pretty spread out a rug in your dining area. Another economical way is to give border or perimeter around the desired area.

What if you already bought a certain type of material in large quantities? Do not be afraid! You can generate a different look by applying the preparation of different patterns. This method becomes more attractive if the color material used is different. One more way to distinguish the function of space is making the difference in height or leveling. The weakness of this method is that if the factors of safety and security are not properly addressed, can be people stumble and fall accordingly. If you have any family members who are elderly, should not apply different levels that are too flashy or high.

That 3 aspects about the floors It’s so important and you must know, any ideas? please leave your comment.

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