6 Factors You Must Know In Choosing A Healthy Home Environment

Healthy home environment – Viewed from location , healthy home is a house located in a green environment , clean , with an ideal climate and temperature. In general , the more natural the location of the home environment , the more healthy the one location of the house, because the natural elements is very good for the health of the physiological and psychological health. Unfortunately , the demands of today’s modern life often makes us unable to live in locations where the natural environment is still dominant. Factors such as ease of access to workplaces , public facilities , as well as the demands of other human needs makes us have to be in an artificial city environment. But we should remain as much as possible to consider aspects – aspects of a healthy environment before choosing an area home. Here are some factors that could be a consideration in choosing a healthy home environment:

Tropical Climate
Lucky for us who live in the tropical climate with only two seasons , has plenty of sunshine and rainfall are beneficial for health. However , on the other hand , in the tropics , the average air temperature could reach 30 degrees Celsius and humidity of the air is very high , which is around 80 %. Therefore it takes special care so that we can get the ideal climate in the house. The trick , among others, is the process design of the roof , walls , windows and hair-splitting by choosing appropriate construction materials to reduce humidity and lower temperatures.

Another factors to choose healthy home environment is temperatures. In addition to affecting the comfort , the climate also affects physiological and psychological human health . The ideal temperature for the human body is not more than 24 degrees Celsius in the daytime. When you are in a tropical climate , we must ensure that the body does not lose a lot of fluids due to evaporation . In addition , psychologically , temperature has a correlation to the level of crime. According to the research , found a close relationship of violent behavior in the area of society that has a temperature above 30 degrees Celsius

High humidity is easy to cause the growth of mold in the house . Fungi can cause health problems . Some types of fungi are even able to produce toxic gases . Humid conditions in enclosed areas are also highly favored by insects and rodents . Keep the house kept dry by applying a good ventilation system , especially in bathrooms , closets , and under the roof

Often without us knowing it , we wake up in a state different mood . There have been studies in the field of biometeorologi found that bright morning sunshine brings a sense of joy , while the gray overcast able to bring the mood in darkness. The study also said that about 6 hours of sunlight a day that illuminates the earth stimulate melatonin in the human body that brings a sense of joy. While the sun is shining in a very short period of time in a day can lead to depression. Get sunlight as much as possible by making the maximum openings in the house.

Environmental Conditions And Spread Of Disease
The climate in a state of high humidity for mosquitoes to breed , so the potential to become regional spread of diseases carried by mosquitoes , such as malaria , dengue fever. In addition , a hot air causes diseases sort of dysentery , typhoid easily spread. While the cold air and clay worsen rheumatic diseases . Therefore, we should choose the location of the house which has good sunlight , warm but cool enough in the evenings , and dried . Avoid areas with basic clay and granite.

Height Plains
The last factors to choose healthy home environment is height plains. The most ideal height of land to the house in the tropics is 200m above sea level to avoid mosquitoes and flies . If you choose a house near the beach , should have a minimum floor height of one meter above the highest water wave height . The data altitude plateau surface and sea water can be obtained from the city planning department in the local area.

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