8 Mistakes We Make in Living Room Design

Living Room Design-Decorating and furnishing your living room may seem like an easy job, but there’s a reason there’s people like interior decorators and their skills should not be overlooked. Buying a bunch of furniture isn’t hard, but making a room look nice, cosy and most importantly comfortable is no easy feat. Today let’s talk about 10 mistakes we most often make in living room design.

1. Buying cool furniture and not using it.
We can all appreciate a sleek glass table or a really cool looking couch or chair, but the purpose of those pieces of furniture is to use them. You can’t just buy them and look at them. You have to make sure you’ll feel comfortable in them and that they fit your style and your home.

2. Stacking all furniture along the walls.
When we’re talking about a closet, then sure, it belongs next to the wall. But when it comes to couches, armchairs and tables – don’t do it unless you live in a very small space. Putting your sofa away from the wall and closer to the center of the room instantly makes the space look bigger and cozier.

3. Having only one source of light.
Relying only on overhead lighting is a common mistake. It might look alright in the morning or in the middle of the day, when there’s sunlight, but in the evening this type of lighting can make a room look grim. Lighting is very important, it creates ambience and a cozy atmosphere. Make sure you have some lights on the walls and buy a couple of standing lights for good measure.


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