A Child’s Bedroom Wall Colors That Encourages Creativity

Bedroom wall colors can form an atmosphere of space , making room memorable active or passive , cheerful or quiet , monotonous or contrast . Color can affect a person’s heart . For any child , the colors have a very strong influence on their souls . Color can make them more sensitive to visual perception and sense of art , aesthetics and stimulation affects the formation of the sensor to the space in which he lives , learn , and play.

Bedroom wall colors is also uplifting , adding creativity and strengthen response imagination . Then color in the child’s room should function more than just a decorative element . Of color , pre-school age children can begin to learn about the natural surroundings , eg the red color synonymous with tomatoes , blue color with the color of the sea or sky , green with leaves , grass and so on.

Here is a practical guide the use of a child’s bedroom wall colors :

• Most children love bright wall colors . If there is a set of objects , then the child’s eyes will be fixed on a light-colored objects , types of color is also more able to explore their creativity .

• In addition to the wall , the details should also be colored accessories , such as colored calendars , posters of letters and numbers . We can also use the carpet color .

• Applying color can be directed to any child’s room interior elements , such as books , toys , a bed , a shelf , and a variety of children’s needs .

• The colors on the shelf or closet can serve as a code that helps the child to return the objects in place .

• Avoid dominant white color makes the room feel sterile and monotonous , or dark colors are impressive presses , especially for children under the age of ten years

• Black, white , and gray can be applied to children who have been teenagers .

Should we not apply our color taste to the child’s room , but let them choose his favorite color . Usually children aged three years and above already have their own favorite color . The rooms are in order with favorite colors will be more fun child .

Involve and assist children in choosing colors can be by way of set there in a rainbow of colors , namely red , orange , yellow , green , blue , and purple . If the child has to choose one color , multiply the options for combination , for example of the color pink to dark colors . When the color choice is too heavy , wearing a balance with other colors such as white or beige, so the child’s bedroom wall color can actually encourage creativity.

A child’s bedroom wall colors above maybe could be a source of inspiration for you

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