Bathroom Lighting Trick And Planning

Proper bathroom lighting is important for the bathroom . Light should be bright enough to dress , soft enough for lazing while bathing , safe water, and had to create a bright and pleasant atmosphere . If used carefully , lighting can make a small bathroom look spacious , adds details of the style and create a romantic atmosphere or workplace efficient and functional .

Planning A Bathroom Lighting

Make your bathroom lighting plan carefully to ensure the fulfillment of your needs . Do not wait until the last moment . It is important to planned at the beginning , because the cable must be planted before the installation of tiles and walls .

Consider the natural lighting in the room when planning the design . Is your bathroom bathed in sunlight in the morning ? Can you put a sink and a mirror near the window to take advantage of this natural light ? Artificial lighting what you need to complete it at night and in the morning ? How many light controller button is required and where the button should be placed in order to comfortably and safely ?

For best results , make sure the power source is not centered on a single button , when the overall light makeover is not possible , consider a simple change dramatically impacting . Replace single light bulb with a low -voltage spotlight or a conventional light switch to turn the light switch is placed outside the bathroom .

Plated Bathroom Lighting

For light which can be changed in accordance with atmosphere heart and your needs , layered lighting system is the best . Replace the high -voltage downlighter in the ceiling to provide a bright light on the surface underneath . Place the lights down a little highlight an object such as a mirror or sink

Remember that the lights are mounted directly to the mirror can create a very unpleasant effects . Side lights is the better choice . Use lamps attached to the wall with interesting shadows to create an old-fashioned look and reduce glare . Attach direct light toward the mirror to provide light shade and enhance the broad impression

For plated bathroom lighting , choose lights that lined up to light evenly , or select the style of ” Hollywood ” with rows of mirrors between the light bulb for a very bright light . Such lamps are ideal for dressing up, shave , and put on make – up


Spotlight wall or ceiling is very good if you need direct lighting . Is also the right choice for the sink or bathtub. Put on top of the head to provide good light for reading . Shower cubicle can get interesting light with waterproof lights in the ceiling or on the wall

Ambient Lighting

For a remarkable effect on bathroom lighting , consider installing lights on the floor , is if you like the modern look . May also install lights at the bottom of the wall surrounding the tub and vanity .
Turn on the oil lamps and incense to obtain softness , quietness , and the pleasant fragrant . Use candles in various shapes , sizes , and colors to add to the impression of antiquity. Use scented candles for a more luxurious effect . Select the appropriate color to give comfort to the eye .

Bathroom Lighting Tricks

Bathroom lighting tricks can be done by bouncing light into the shiny tile or equipment to make a small bathroom look bigger and brighter. Lights are reflected in the mirror created the impression area. To give the impression of an intimate lighting , the reflected light a candle to the mirror . Light which leads down towards the tub or sink filled with water will create an interesting ripple patterns on the walls and ceiling . If you have a central light source , replace it with a spotlight is directed to the ceiling . This will create the impression of a high ceiling , making the room look wider .

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