Bathroom Remodel Series: Natural Style

Bathroom remodel to create an aura of tranquility with this soft natural appearance . Element is clean lines , soothing colors , and intelligent storage . Natural light to flood the room and the special feature window . This makes the bathroom a pleasant place to shower in the morning and preen . Smooth and shiny surfaces create a contemporary look in the room . The effect is refreshing and invigorating.

Some elements in bathroom remodel , can be carried out among others on the shelf bamboo shower , make your own accessories for a bathroom full of natural ingredients . Bath rack of bamboo easily made and an alluring addition to the overall scheme . Tools and materials required in bathroom remodel on a shelf bamboo bath is as follows :

• Bamboo thick and small bamboo stick
• Hacksaw
• Electric drill and drill a small wood
• Hammer and nail 10mm
• raffia rope

Elements in bathroom remodel , the other is a window , use a simple but clever trick is to hide the bad window and create a dramatic look . Circular shape is the best for window boxes . If you have a square window , try to form a square . Tools and materials needed in bathroom remodel , among which are as follows :

• Meter and pencil
• dust mask , jigsaw , MDF 15mm
• boards with a thickness of 25mm
• Screwdriver , screws , pencil , rope , electric drill , drill countersink
• wood filler , emulsion paints , acrylic lacquer

Finishing touch

Smart contemporary accessories in the collection of natural color will create a cutting-edge look in bathroom remodel. The combination of textures, materials, and natural colors with a cool touch stainless steel creates an interesting effect. Colored stone walls and olive green to give focus to the room and avoid being too soft neutral colors. Accessory mounted on the wall and there is still plenty of storage options for controlling and storing equipment scattered about.

Contemporary storage area

Introduce a sharp contemporary note with shelving unit of stainless steel. Add accessories to complement the effects of the steel to be made. Refine look and add texture with a soft towel and wicker baskets. As well as a ceramic bottle toiletries. This design is best used on a large plain walls and a modern bathroom. Variations can be added by reversing the rack, so that the top is under and otherwise to form the lower tray. Fill with gravel to create a “garden” in the house.

Smart Mirror

Create the illusion of space by using strategically placed mirrors to reflect the light from the window into the room. This will make the room look bigger and brighter. Or put a mirror hanging on the wall. Create the same effect by using ceramic shiny.

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