Bathroom Remodeling Series With Zen Style

In bathroom remodeling with zen style, themes soothing , refreshing and stylish , lightweight and natural theme with lots of pale wood , white walls and wide open spaces more dominate. The stage is raised a touch of luxury and the most perfect way to accommodate the soaking tubs . Accessories stones , coral , bark , and wood , bringing outdoor situation into space . Even able to create a calm atmosphere to relax

In bathroom remodeling zen style, a spacious room with a bathroom soak it really gives comfort . Window , from floor to ceiling , flooding the room with natural light . In the evening , in an elegant wood blinds can be closed . Airy floor filled with scented candles , and some plush cushions scattered on the floor

All create a kind of luxury in bathroom remodeling with zen style. Honey colored wood , oatmeal -colored tiles and white walls , creating a feeling of calm and peace . It is suitable for day or night . Natural accessories complete the look that is clean, modern , minimalist , and add a luxurious feel .

Wonders lights

Let the wide window to keep it simple and stylish . The bathrooms are quiet , minimalist , did not fit with the hassles and surprises . Maintain cleanliness and freshness with a bamboo blind . Pick a frosted glass if you require extra privacy or if your bathroom overlooked . Variations can be added in bathroom remodeling with zen style , if you do not want to pay to replace your windows , frost glass by using a special spray.


Higher ground is an ideal way to create the impression of luxury in your bathroom . Fitting for deep soaking bathtubs , also suitable for displaying gorgeous accessories , making it practical and attractive . Variations can be applied in bathroom remodeling with zen style , which in addition to the bathtub , use a platform to highlight the roll top bath as an attractive alternative .

Creating features on the sink

If your room is quite spacious , do not confuse your supplies in one area . Use the entire wall to the sink , a simple framed mirrors and a single rack . The result will display cheerfulness . Beautiful and sleek sink will look best in a spacious room . So choose beautifully shaped sink with spacious tubs for perfect comfort . Finish off with a single elegant chrome mixer taps to display tasteful design

Textured tiles

Important to note that the bathroom is not a neutral room that is soft and flat . Use tiles to introduce soft colors and make the features of a wall , combining a slight variation of colors and textures to create an impression . This will help turn the bathroom neutral . As a variation in bathroom remodeling , for the color is really beautiful , experiment with bright colors tiles in order to get a dazzling splash of color accents .

Soak with a twist

Soaking tubs is a real luxury and creates a focal point in the spacious bathroom . For a stylish twist , dressed with a soaking floor panel filling with coral and rocks at one end of the tub . Enhance the look with a hanging tree , some of the larger stones and soft towel .

With the concept zen style , then bathroom remodeling is no longer something that is difficult

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