Boy Bedroom Ideas : Theme Spaceship

Boy bedroom ideas – Ever watch a movie with the theme of space , such as Star Wars or Star Trek ? If you want to apply the theme, this teen room interior can be used as inspiration . A space that resembles a spacecraft controllers used in the film. Place that the commander led his crew into space journey , a voyage through space.

Cabin ambience spacecraft into basic concepts raised in the following teen room interior . In this room , the teenager as acting as flight commander . The rooms can be made up of two levels of the level of the floor , upper level and lower level. Top level used as a ” control room ” for the main commander . Therefore , the main functions , such as resting , studying , or dressed , placed at this level . While supporting activities and entertainment are more relaxed , such as watching TV , located in the lower level.

Room that acts as a ” spacecraft ” is made as if he were walking down a very wide space . To create such an atmosphere , most of the wall space lined with wallpaper pictorial space surrounded by galaxies , planets , stars , and the horizon . Ceiling section can be formed dome ceiling to give the impression of ” universe ” as well as forming a surround or surround effect . Ceiling can also be given additional chandeliers that resemble rocket . Neatness and cleanliness in this room is aware of. To that end , was decided to place some storage as a store of items in the room so as not to fall apart

Storage process can also be taken into account , for example in the use of cover material or open – lid system . One example is storage in the bed area . Storage can use the sliding door system , so it does not interfere with circulation outside and inside the storage area . In addition to storage , the room can be supplied cabinets for storage of clothing . Wardrobe door can use stainless steel material with a mirror on the outside cover . This mirror serves to reduce the impression of a narrow room.

Color and basic material used in these rooms tend to be plain , bright , shiny , dark , contrast . Some colors and basic material chosen , among others, white , black , metallic , chrome , and glass . Meanwhile , the use of motifs or colors “wild ” such as yellow , orange , blue and red , solely to provide a striking accent that is not too monotonous . These colors also reflect the variation of color in space , such as the color of a galaxy or star color .
To be more unique , you can also create an atmosphere of ” glow in the dark ” in this room . Just use some light drop spot and let light when the main chandelier extinguished . The atmosphere of the room will look more alive . You can also add a mirror in some parts of the room to display ” space room ” wider . The mirror also can give the effect of ” surrround ” room .

Boy bedroom ideas with theme spaceship could be one of your choice.

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