Care Tips And Benefits Laminate Flooring

With the various types of building materials on the market , which of course is not all in accordance with your budget, can make you play the brain to suppress some of its features . One material that you can press the fee is, the choice of flooring . Utilizing laminate flooring material is one way to reduce the cost of construction of houses . By selecting this floor coverings , indirectly you also save on the use of natural resources such as wood and stone.

This material is very diverse kinds, ranging from laminate marble , granite , limestone , to various types of wood . Although it is not natural , the end result is the same material as the original draw . Laminate material made with a printing system . Through this system , the pattern and color of wood or stone is generated . Sheet printout is then affixed to the base made of synthetic or processed wood such as HDF ( High Density Fiberboard ) and plywood . To ensure durability , the surface of the laminate is always given a protective coating .

Because it is made of materials that can be called artificial , the price of laminate material is more friendly than the original flooring material . Its light weight also makes the installation of this material is more easily done . You can immediately put it on the old floor surface without having to open a new buffer construction floor . With leading technology , this material is now more long- lasting working life can reach 10 years with excess fireproof , bending -resistant , and not easily stained

Laminate floors care

For treatment of laminate floor is not too difficult , simply with a broom and mop damp cloth . If the stains are difficult to remove , such as ink , use acetone or alcohol to remove it . Although it does not need to overlay, so that the surface quality is maintained , it helps you put on the protective rubber feet so as not to scratch the furniture laminate flooring .

Tips use laminate flooring

1. patterned wood laminate floors are arranged in a woven pattern can support a rustic shades in the living room

2. Because of easy to clean , laminate wood flooring suitable for use in the kitchen .

Excess laminate flooring

• Affordable price

• Maintenance is easy

• Easy installation

Disadvantages laminate flooring

• Do not seawet original material

• Can not be recoated or refinishing

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