Cleaning Hardwood Floors Daily Or Periodic?

Before we talk about how to cleaning hardwood floors , no harm we know this type of material . Hardwood floors can be made from all types of wood , but for the hardwood stronger and durable – such as teak , and ebony , can be used to receive the load space is often steeper or frequently traveled , for example, corridors and stairs .

Hardwood floors are available in parquet or wooden planks long as the board. Installation of hardwood floors is quite difficult than other types of wood , such as laminate floor that weighs heavier . Mechanical installation consists of several ways , namely by bringing together the joint system on the wooden parquet , giving glue , or nailing . In terms of placement , this material can be used in almost all function space , including the bathroom .

All right , to go directly to the core of discussion, namely how to clean hardwood floors , the following steps:

Cleaning daily

• Clean the dust on the hardwood floors every day , routinely using a dry broom on its surface , notice the dirt that is on the floor ; there can be some debris which can cause scratches . Do it carefully for this type of dirt .

• To vacuum cleaner , use a soft brush attachment ; for the use of the brush , do not use straw bristles harsh as it may scratch the surface of hardwood floors .

• Because the grooves are harwood floors of pieces of wood , broom should follow the direction of the floor , so that the dirt can be lifted all

Periodic cleaning every month

Cleaning hardwood floors once a month or when the floor has been visibly soiled using a mop soaked in a bucket of hot water . The hot water is great for cleaning hardwood floors because it is light, smooth and does not leave streaks .

• If there are stains from spilled liquid , it is better to use a sponge to remove these stains . Remember , to always squeeze the mop or sponge before using it to mop up , because stagnant water could also be a stain on later if not immediately cleaned up the floor becomes dry .

• Use microfiber if hardwood floors still look wet in the long term , because in addition to smooth microfiber material , also accelerate the process of drying hardwood floors .

Cleaning hardwood floors is no longer a difficult job , and you can do it yourself daily or periodic.


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