Color In Living Room Decor Ideas

Living room decor ideas – Color can work wonders , because it is able to change the atmosphere , temperature , as well as the style of the room , and even the emotions of people who are in that space in total. The right color combination is also able to create a memorable space spacious , warm , and cool . While the wrong combination will result in the opposite impression .

Many people are afraid of applying color in living room decor ideas, so just choose neutral colors like white , beige , or one tone color ( from light color to dark color ) . This is indeed a safe choice , but often seem tedious and can make a room memorable not have the energy . Whereas the right color is the color that suits your character and personality .

If you are energetic and cheerful , contrasting complementary colors may be more appropriate . Favorite color in the living room will make us feel relaxed and makes guests feel warm received in the home .
Knowledge of colors , effects , and functions , will be very helpful . It helps us to learn the basic theory of color . The simplest is to use the color circle consisting of primary colors ( red , yellow , blue ) and mix primary colors in the middle ( purple , green , and orange ) are called secondary colors .

Color circle can be developed further by mixing the secondary colors into tertiary colors and so on . To see the image posed by alloying two or more colors , cover color circle and open only part of colors that will be paired . Change the color sections are opened and closed ; this way you can see the changes happening impression .

Complementary colors are opposite two colors such as purple and yellow . This contrasting color combination will produce energy in the lounge. While the relationship of color is a blend of two adjacent colors , which creates harmony and alignment . Blend from one color or monochromatic color tones of color such as light to dark color will create a calm and elegant colors .

In living room decor ideas, choose the color that suits your personality will give satisfaction and confidence.

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