Cool Bedroom In Apartments NYC

This cool bedroom collection is taken from several apartments in New York City with a rental price per month from 2000 dollars. This cool bedroom could be a place to rest and a place to “escape” from daily routine, recharge back the spirit and the energy to come back tomorrow ready to indulge in. The sleeping area is designed to focus on the main function, namely as a place to sleep, without the addition of other functions that can shift function sleeping areas.

Atmosphere outdoor space with a view of buildings in New York City is its own advantages from the bedroom cool. Another advantage is that you can maximize your sleep time, because the distance of your workplace in New York City could be shorter if staying in this apartment. With enough quality sleep then the energy will be increased at the time of waking up in the morning to face routine work.

This cool bedroom is complete with some furniture that can support leisure activities such as a comfortable sofa and entertainment devices. Then there is also a wardrobe with stylish furniture, adjusted by the area of your bedroom. Lighting in the morning simply by opening the curtains on the window, you will get enough sunlight into the room. At night, a couple of table lamps and downlights can be supplemented to support your activities at night.

What do you think, whether the cool bedroom in this Newyork city apartment can inspire you in designing your own bedroom design? Or maybe you intend to stay and settle into Newyork city to get a real atmosphere of a business city?


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