Custom Kitchen Islands Or Kitchen In The Corner?

Custom Kitchen Islands

For custom kitchen islands, one of the basement in your home can be converted into a small kitchen , where the stove , a work surface , and two separate sinks are in one unit peninsula . The positioning of the sink respectively in two separate angles allows both can still be used at the dining table that doubles as a work surface opened.

If the daily activities of the island serves as a dining table , a table surface width must exceed the foot of the table , so there is enough space for the knees . Even if there is a dining table in the room , lots of people like gatherings while cooking . Therefore , it would be interesting if the above table available glass or mug and there is also a high chair for lounging . The island also serves as a practical food area , and is very suitable for entertaining guests in a buffet style .

Island most suitable to be applied in the spacious kitchen . In fact , there are islands equipped with a separate sink for washing food , and usually vegetables and cooking utensils are stored in cupboards and drawers in the island . To maintain safety , all units of the island should have its own outlet , so that a small electronic device , such as a blender and juicer , can be connected to the electrical connection . Thus , there are no cables milling , which may be harmful .

The kitchen in the corner

L shape layout is the best solution for the kitchen combined with the dining room , and the spacious kitchen , two side walls that form the L adapted to the work table made from the same wood with wood dining table . In the absence of a storage cupboard unit on the wall , and a brick wall was only in white paint , interior space is more pronounced as the dining room , although equipped with a well-designed kitchen .

L -shaped kitchenette , or kitchen work surface with a narrow , could use a table to prepare food ingredients . Surface table can be made of marble strong , very suitable for rolling pastry , although generally too expensive to be used as the sole work surface . Designing layouts that incorporate some really very practical material , and the kitchen could have a stainless steel surface on the side of the sink is located, while on the other side using solid wood

Now the choice is yours , choose custom kitchen islands or kitchen in the corner ?


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