Dress Up Your Living Space With This Type Of Wall Material

Wall material – The walls are part of the building are mounted vertically with the function as a separator between spaces , both within and between the space between the outer space . There are 3 main types of walls , namely a structural wall , wall , and retaining walls . In addition to the above main functions , there are some other functions of the wall as follows

1.Comfort functions , health , safety and beauty

•As a room divider which has the nature of privacy and in scale , color , texture .
•As a silencer to sounds , both from within and from outside.
•As a protection against interference from outside ( sunlight , insulation against temperature , rainfall , and humidity , wind , and other outside interference )
•As anchoring radiation or certain substances such as the radiology room , operating room and laboratory .
•For certain artistic functions .
•As a shaper of space , adds to the beauty of space and point of interest

2. Function Construction

•As a barrier and retaining structures
•As bearers . That is why the construction should be strong and sturdy to be able to withstand the load of super structure , its own weight , as well as load horizontal .
•As a barrier / partition .

Types of wall material

Here is the type of wall material are often found on the market

1. Brick wall

Walls can be constructed with the base material brick with stucco finishing and stir . Step finishing with paint evenly on the wall . Painting with the appropriate composition of colors and themes will enhance occupancy . In addition to paint , wall finishing can also use wallpaper with a variety of characters and textures . If using a finishing paint , choose a paint with a color that is not too flashy in order to give the impression area . The darker color of paint you choose , it will give the impression of a narrow room . If using a finishing wallpaper , choose a pattern with bright colors and not crowded .

2. Glass wall

Glass material has a transparent character and memorable exclusive . On occupancy with limited space , use a clear glass wall material is very helpful to overcome visual limitations in space . Glass walls can make a house look more spacious than its original size . The home page is green and beautiful can be seen from inside the house , causing the atmosphere to become more natural and cool . Should be considered also when the glass wall directly exposed to sunlight , it will make the air inside the house to heat. Some examples of materials is glass clear glass wall , raiben glass , frosted glass , and glass block .

3. Exposed brick walls

You can apply the exposed brick wall to show the impression of ethnicity . Neatness level brick installation into the most important part besides the selection of the perfect box-shaped brick . For walls in residential tiny , exposed brick should apply in certain parts only. Color and texture will give the impression of cramped on space . Advantages for application exposed brick wall :

•Has a natural impression , unique , and ethnicity .
•Give country and simple shades .
•The cost of materials is relatively low because it is not plastered.
•Easy maintenance ( enough to do the re- coating )
•Very nice combined with natural furniture made from nature such as wood or rattan .

Weakness applications from exposed brick to the wall :

•longer installation time
•Easy overgrown with mold and mildew
•The cost of treatment in some cases more expensive .
•Damp due to the influence of climate
•The strength of the wall is less .

4. Natural stone wall

Natural stone material is currently widely applied to the wall with a variety of types , patterns , and colors . Views are generally less regular stone can be made more regular with betel stacking pattern . Other rocks were formed could also support the view that regular , for example stone temples , sandstone cubes or andesite .
Natural impression so strong against this rock wall made . For small residential , natural stone is generally applied to the facade , so as not memorable monotone . You can apply a natural stone wall in a particular part of the wall that serves as an aesthetic element of the room.

5. Exposure to cement or concrete wall

Exposure to cement or concrete wall commonly called the unfinished walls . Its texture has its own character that is not the same as the character of other materials such as painted walls . Wall rough surface finish also use cement but do not need diaci and seem natural . The walls of this type is properly used to house with tropical or minimalist concept . In addition to more efficient because it does not require paint , cement or concrete wall exposed easier to maintain because it does not need to be repainted .

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