Family Room Furniture With Warm Minimalist Design

Family room furniture – The family room is the center of activity in every home. The core of the House is located in the family room. Every time a family member coming home from work or school, then the family room is the place for relax, rest for a moment,and confer with other family members after a busy day outside the home.Therefore, the family room should be designed as comfortable as possible with warm and intimate atmosphere.

Make sure the family room can accommodate all family members without exception. In addition, please note the location of the family room itself. Try the family room is located in the middle of the house, so all the other space activities can be easily accessed from the family room.

Warm minimalist design

Warm minimalist family room is located right next to the dining room. Bulkhead form shelves created built-in with floor, walls, and ceiling, which still give the impression of light because its nature is not massive. A combination of wooden and glass shelves in the center appear translucent beautify and give leeway in the interact between the dining room and family room.

Partition memorable open can be used as an option in your minimalist home.Avoid using partition that is massive, as it would give rise to the impression of a narrow room. The middle section of the partition in the form of translucent glass as an extension from the drop ceiling in the family room are present due to the backdrop for TV. This shows that between family room and dining room have a relationship of proximity spaces.

The difference in height of the floor can be very dynamic and put pressure on certain areas. By making the family room floor is lower than the other spaces,stresses that the family room are private and more intimate. Built-in furniture in your family room can re-affirm the impression. Drawers made built-in on the wall as well as the field of TV trays and storage. The Red bench is located right next to them can be used as a place to relax while being away while enjoying the grounds behind the House.

In addition, it can be applied to a simple backdrop on the wall TV spot is placed.However, avoid crowded motif because it will interfere with the view toward the TV screen. Vertical’s accent on the backdrop can give the impression of height on the space.

Meanwhile, coffe table made of clear glass and steel prevents selected to balance the volume space. With the coffe table glass, the atmosphere in the family room became lighter and impressed clean. The most important thing inthe family room is the presence of the couch that can accommodate the whole family. The use of sofa “L” in the corner of the room made custom, according to the length and width of the space, so that it can optimize the charging space. Because of its relatively large size, make sure the sofa may function properly.Therefore, to get around this, the sofa can be made with two kinds of material,namely pedestal sofa made of wood and have a drawer, while the holder, use apadded couch made specifically according to the length of the holder of the desired

Family room furniture with warm minimalist design could be one of your alternatives in the design of dream room.


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