Front Yard Garden Ideas For Limited Land

Front yard garden is often overlooked when we build a house, but the front yard garden has many functions, among which, as a producer of low oxygen and as a water catchment for your residence. Then another function, namely in terms of aesthetics, your home will look beautiful, fresh, and green that make you linger at home sitting on the front porch were just enjoying the view of the front garden. The quality of your life will be better.

Front yard garden plan should not be made too dizzy. You can use the front area of ​​the house, although the extent may be limited. To a limited extent of land that you can use with plants that will not grow too tall for example, with one or two plants. Several flower pots can also use the front area of ​​the house if there is no land. Adjust the size of the pot to the type of plant or flower to be planted.

For large area, front garden design will be much more to be explored. You can start designing the layout of plants and flowers in the corners of the park. Pair with a soft golf turf in areas that are not planted with flowers. On certain sides can play a natural impression by adding an artificial small river. Add artificial waterfall in it. Add some natural stone on the side of the artificial river, a natural feel and green will dominate if everything has been successfully created.

Some front garden image below may inspire you in designing. Do not forget to calculate your budget by considering the wide front yard and materials to be used.

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