Glass Floor : Look More Modern For Your Home

You could say the glass floor is the material most complicated installation. Unlike other materials , the installation is not performed on the glass floors plates are massive and sturdy . The glass itself that acts as a drag load . In the process of installation , glass placed over a frame made of metal . Here, the shape and dimensions of the frame and the thickness of the glass used should be carefully considered.

For special purposes , usually glass floors made according to customer wishes . Because this process is not easy , make sure you entrusted to professionals who have proven credibility.
The condition of the glass surface you want to use – right should you pay attention . Because the glass floor tend slippery and very dangerous if exposed to water – even more so for the stairwell , select the glass which was given a protective coating designed anti slippery or textured surface

In practice , you do not need to coat the entire floor space with glass , quite specific part you want to highlight . Combination with other materials such as granite , concrete , or wood , which can create the impression of a more dynamic and warm .

Glass flooring care

Because the glass is very vulnerable to scratches , keep not to the surface exposed to friction hard objects or sharp . To keep it clean , you simply use a broom and mop . For hazardous areas , such as stairs , make sure you add a layer of anti slippery on the edges.

Tips use glass floors

1. The glass floors room center becomes part of which serves as a director . It is located right on the edge of the window allows light to continue the space below .

2. Floor semi-transparent glass should be used in the corridor leading to the kitchen area .

Advantages glass floors :

• Presenting a very valuable artistic effect

• Durable and waterproof

• Ability to reflect light , making the room appear brighter

• Very suitable for spaces on the second floor

Disadvantages glass floor :

• The cost involved is not slight

• Memorable cold and “hard ”

• Slick


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