Healthy House : Why Is This Important?

Healthy house – Approximately two-thirds of human life is spent at home. In the big cities was that human mobility is very high and the quantity of the presence in the house a little more, the house still has an important role in the home that cause human refuge , conduct , raise a family , and the rest. Therefore, the quality of home health care should be kept so that the house can function perfectly in accordance with the needs .

Healthy house itself consists of two categories , namely healthy physiological and psychological healthy. In terms of physiological health , the house must be able to provide security and protect people from natural disasters , weather , diseases, and other physical disorders. So the house must have strong building construction , building materials that are safe and of good quality , lighting and aeration are sufficient , adequate facilities and infrastructure , as well as a clean environment , healthy and safe. While psychological terms , the house should give a sense of comfort , relaxed , and peaceful.

To get a healthy house that function optimally , both aspects of the above must be met by either. In terms of physiological health considerations , this article will give you tips how to choose healthy home area , managing a healthy environment and a healthy home design. While the psychological considerations , this paper will address any elements which could support the creation of a healthy home.

Architecture And Healthy Home

The beginning of human life is still very simple , home only required to meet basic needs , namely as a shelter and shelter from the weather and natural disturbances . First time home very contextual pattern created with natural surroundings. This pattern is referred to as indigenous architecture or architecture vernaculer. Architecture without architects are usually built from local materials , which give priority to safety and comfort , as well as having a very good response to existing climate. Formation of the house at the time the process from time to time that takes hundreds of years to get the model of the perfect home. No wonder that traditional houses are generally actually meet the criteria as a healthy house.

In addition to the response to natural , traditional houses also reflect the local culture. Eg low overstek aims to people bow when entering the house , and this illustrates the respect for residents. While its layout in accordance with the relevant traditional culture. Broadly speaking , the traditional home is able to combine the physical needs of human beings with spiritual needs. However, the progress and the rapid growth of human population make people think to create mass products are fast-paced and instant. The growth of large cities was not inevitable and creating architectural movement. This movement then be based on the needs of the increasingly complex modern humans. The house is no longer as fulfilling a primary need for shelter , but as the fulfillment of the needs of secondary , tertiary , as well as a symbol of self-existence occupants. Besides industrialization and technological advances also have a direct impact on the movement of architecture . This often results in architectural design concepts abandon the rules of nature and culture , and forget about the health of the building and its occupants .

Environment Health Home

Home health problem is quite complex , especially in urban areas . Accelerating population growth led to land prices rise rapidly , so that the area of the house is getting narrower. Approximately 70 % of homes in the town have a floor area of less than 50m2 4-5 inhabited by a family member or 10m2 per person. Whereas the minimum ideal area needed per person is 14m2.

The distance between the home meeting also cause poor air circulation and the lack of openings , such as windows or doors. Whereas inhibition of ventilation easily lead to respiratory infections . While the lack of lighting can lead to psychological disorders , such as stress , difficulty concentrating and rest.

Environmental problems are also no less severity. The density of passing vehicles as well as the proximity of the house to the road lead to the noise level exceeds the threshold value , ie 50dB. Less maintenance of environmental facilities , such as drains , waste disposal , water supply , and lack of open areas such as parks and sports facilities , the lower the quality of home health and environment.
On the other hand , many people who consider today’s homes are healthier than traditional homes of the past , because it looks more solid , neat , and clean. Yet we still need to be aware of toxins caused by materials in the house. The things that are artificial or artificially , such as air conditioning , synthetic building materials , such as asbestos , plastics , and chemicals to use to paint , carpet and others always cause poison or toxin that is harmful to human health. Therefore , we must be observant to be aware of health problems in the home , not only visible , but also harmful toxins are invisible. We must be careful in selecting , designing and using building materials . By considering home healthcare , both in terms of physical environment , buildings , and psychologically , it is hoped that we can avoid health problems and achievement of the ideal healthy homes.

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