Home Ventilation Design Ideas

Home ventilation design ideas – Like humans , the home also needs to breathe so that humans as occupants in it can breathe well too . Therefore, good aeration is very important for the home . Clean air , healthy , and fresh it should be obtained in the home , thus creating energy and good health . The air vents are able to deliver air to the air all right in the house is free of pollution , will greatly help create a comfortable home conditions , safe , and healthy place to live

Air Pollution

Air pollution inside the home can be due to two aspects . First , the influx of dirty air from outside the house into the house . When the location of the house is located in a dense urban area and very minimal elements of green , the house should avoid the entry of outside air is polluted and replace it with a good interior ventilation systems , for example by planting plants around and inside the house as a filter and buffer , use fan as source air movement , or even AC if needed.

Second , air pollution resulting from the house itself , such as building materials , housing conditions , and others . Air pollution can be controlled both from home at the design stage and construction stage . Choose materials that are as minimal as possible cause of air pollution . Building materials should be selected based on the composition of the chemical element , the extent to which the material is a natural element , and gas emissions.

Houses that have the greatest risk of air pollution is a new house or a new house renovated as new construction materials potentially spreading air pollution from the chemicals they contain. Take great care when selecting building materials and finishing. Avoid materials containing heavy metals , especially those that can cause carcinogens or other side effects . The total content of volatile organic compounds may not exceed 15 % of the weight of the product itself . Wait a while before inhabit the new home , at least 2 months after the house is completed . The longer the material age home , the less pollution is created from building materials . Therefore , antique furniture refinishing not including furniture ideal for getting a healthy home.

Here are home ventilation design ideas, we will describe some kind of ventilation which can be an option in accordance with the design of our homes.

Cross Ventilation

First, in home ventilation design ideas is cross ventilation, the air vents in the house it is best if the ventilation air can flow from one point to another or cross ventilation . This cross ventilation can be obtained by creating more than one openings on different sides , and will be even better if the two openings are located on the opposite side so as to create a perfect cross ventilation

In addition to the open window leaf , ventilation can be in the can by making a hole in the wall or by using lattice or blinds on the shutters , so air flowing though the windows were closed . Do not forget to use mosquito netting to avoid the entry of insects into the house

Wind Tower

Second, in home ventilation design ideas is wind tower, wind tower is already thousands of years used in buildings in hot regions . Hot air pressure in the house will be pulled out of the wind tower and replaced with fresh air . Air movement in the tower of this wind will carry the cold air in the room . To be more optimal , wind towers can be made to the shape of the cover facing the direction of the wind , so the wind can be caught more easily and flow into the space below so that there is maximum air movement

Terraced Roof Systems

Third, in home ventilation design ideas is terraced roof systems, in the tropical house traditional , forms a sloping roof is often made with a form of terraced roof . Grilles which are among the terraced roof increase attracts the wind from outside and running it into the bottom of the roof , so that the air under the roof will always change and indoor air becomes cooler

If the house using a ceiling , but do not use air roof lattice , then in the afternoon the hot air from the top of the roof will come in and trapped in the space between the roof and the ceiling so the air pressure in the room was very high . Later in the evening , hot air will flow downwards or into residential space , so the space inside still feels hot . At home who do not have a ceiling or roof attached to the ceiling , the heat from the roof will directly flow into the space , making the room gets hot , especially the Attic is close to the roof . Therefore , terraced roof system is capable of providing a solution to reduce the heat in the room.

Fan And Air Conditioner

Fourth, in home ventilation design ideas is fan and air conditioner, fan and AC were able to make the trapped air in the room became engaged. Fan made up of several types. First, the fan is permanently mounted on the ceiling of the house. Fan is very good to drive around the existing air in the room. This varies a great fan so we can choose according to the size of the room. Both standing fan that can spin. This type of fan is ideal for spaces that require air movement at certain times sat alone because it is not permanent. Third, the fan is placed on the roof. This fan function is to move the air or the air flow in the passage between the roof and ceiling. This fan works like a terraced roof system that can reduce air pressure under the roof and make the air flow. Fourth, exhaust fan or a fan that draws air work from the outside in and vice versa. This type of fan is useful to draw air in enclosed spaces such as toilets that do not have windows so as to reduce the smell in the room in question.

In addition to air flow , air conditioning are also able cools the air in the room and make the moist air becomes drier . This system is popular in the big cities who heat with high air pollution because it can protect against pollution in the room from the outside, but the price is quite expensive and time consuming electricity costs are relatively large.

Green elements

Another home ventilation design ideas is green elements, clean air is able to make us feel fresh , radiant and energetic . According to the science of conservation , to get the oxygen it needs , everyone needs a minimum of 1.2 square meters of grass on the ground or square 4m green leaves . Imagine if the country has 400 million inhabitants , how extensive green areas that are needed to create the fresh air , especially in big cities . Therefore, we should also be sensitive to the destruction of nature , and to support the greening.

One simple way to do to get some fresh air is making conservation in their own home environment . Maximize green area outside the home such as a garden or yard . If the page is wide enough, we can plant a tree as hard as fruit trees . Some species are even able to invite birds to come and sing in the morning. When the page is very limited in a small house , hanging plants and potted plants help to produce enough fresh air . Some houseplants can be in order in some places to greening and beautifying the interior structure houses.

Plants are also able to reduce pollution in the home . The most common air pollutants in the home is air pollution originating from toxic formaldehyde derived from resin material , paper or cloth wipes , flooring , interior fabrics , plastic and plywood . Plants are able to absorb these toxins and replacing it with clean air . Plants are very good for eliminating toxins in the home are lilies , gerbera , palms, bamboo , orchids month . Choose plants that are easy to maintain for planting in the home , such as plants that do not require direct sunlight and a little water.

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