How To Choose A Modern Bathroom Walls Elements

When did your bathroom walls elements will be in renovation ? Whether you choose the paint , tile , paper , wood panels or a combination of all of this ? Basically you have a nice bathroom and durable . Consider all the alternatives before choosing , so the problem of style and practicality more balanced. Here are some choice elements of the bathroom wall that you can consider.

Ceramic Wall

Bathroom walls tile can be an expensive option . If your budget is limited , limit the use of tiles just below the bathtub , sink , and shower . Ceramic tile is the traditional choice , and are available in a variety of colors , patterns , and styles . Also, choose a patterned mosaic , granite immortal , or consider using metal , glass , laminate coatings or layers of clear perspex funky . However , you should know that the stylish alternative requires extra cleaning . Disadvantages : expensive , feels cold


The second element is the bathroom walls paint, is the cheapest way to decorate or update the look . Remember to choose a waterproof paint , which is designed specifically for the bathroom . With oil-based paint and eggshell or satin appearance the most good for the wood . Try to look decorative spongy , uneven surfaces , or the patch / stamping . This is a good way to add beauty and texture to your room , or to hide uneven walls . If you feel confident , more complicated techniques , such as marble or wood grain , will add to the impression of a classic . Do not forget to coat paint with a matt varnish so durable . Disadvantages : not suitable for uneven walls .


Wallpaper as the third element of the bathroom walls can add textures and patterns on a plain room . Choose vinyl paper specifically designed for the bathroom . This material can be easily cleaned . You also need to choose the outskirts of the wallpaper for the ceiling or on the trim height to give a soft impression on the walls painted . Disadvantages : less resistant to water than other alternatives , and is not suitable for uneven walls .


Installation of grooved wood panels extending an ideal way to hide the ugly pipes and fittings . In that way , it will create a wall disguise to hide the water tank . This method is inexpensive , easy to install , and suitable for a variety of styles . Look for artificial boards are sold in large sheets . Disadvantages : not waterproof

Tricks for tiles

Pair the shiny tile extends into the window niche in a dark room to get light and shadow creates the impression area.

• Remember that a large tile will make a small room look more cramped. Plain tiles will give the impression area. Create the impression area with diamond patterned tile

• Choose a natural color for long-term use. If it will make changes at a later date, it is difficult to redecorate the room in red

Do not install tile over wallpaper. Perform stripping if it will put the tiles on the walls painted.

Plywood is an alternative to the bathroom because it will not be damaged when wet.

Combine the alternating tiles are expensive with less costly to suppress the price

Add a splash of color with a mosaic that is sown. Embossed tiles, either to add detail and style. Tile profiles can be used to obtain features such as a mirror or window

Paint a few tiles using a special tile paint to create colors that match your scheme, or create a style that is completely new. You can just simply add plain tiles with colored grout

Build a wall panel which can be easily removed when constructing a box to the pipe, thus you do not need to damage the tiles to reach the pipe.

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