Luxury Bedrooms With Marble Touch

Marble has long been synonymous with the word ” powerful , luxurious , expensive and classy ” and is suitable for luxury bedrooms . This happens because the marble ( especially the original marble ) is a rock that is formed in the bowels of the earth for centuries . That’s what makes marble relatively hard to find and expensive , so it is quite rare to find a material in the interior of the house . Featuring marble in the interior will automatically directly give the impression of luxury and become its own prestige for homeowners

Before choosing to apply marble in luxury bedrooms , consider wisely budget problems . If you want to display shades of marble in the bedroom , but have a limited budget , we do not need to worry . There is now widely produced artificial marble texture and strength which is not much different from the original marble

Marble is naturally able to attract attention because the surface is shiny , luxurious appearance , and high durability against impact . If you want to apply the marble on the walls of the room , let the plain marble without changing or adding a decorative element that would eliminate exotic marble . Instead , select heardboard with striking design and proportional to the height of the room to fill wall decoration in the field of marble

To further complement the luxurious image displayed by marble walls , show dark shades in the luxury bedrooms . Wallpaper patterned with dark shades is one right choice to build a luxurious feel in the master bedroom . So that the room does not seem ” dark ” and ” heavy ” , put different accents on the wall behind the TV . Little game geometric accents make the wall into a dynamic and more alive

The bathrooms in the following themes inspired design offers a bathroom for a young couple . Size of the bathroom big enough filler element allows to design a bathroom that can be used by two people at once , for example, a double sink , shower area with two showers and a bathtub large enough for two people

Applying the marble in the bathroom area is one of the instant way to give a luxurious feel in the bathroom . Combination with ceramic wall in shades matching with marble , will further complement the luxurious feel of the bathroom . Add some ornaments curved to give a classic touch of luxury.

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