Marble Floors Care And Maintenance Tips

If you like the look elegant , marble floors is a material that is fitting to realize that impression. In addition to appearance classy , marble also has a definite motive is different in each of his plate . This is impossible if we use material obtained manufactured.

Marble is available in a variety of color variations , such as black , beige , white , gray , green , blue , pink , and even red. Unfortunately, this relatively expensive material must be handled with extra care. Because porous , colorless liquid is spilled on it are less likely to be eliminated , so that it becomes a stain . To avoid this , give a protective layer on the surface of the marble . We recommend that you use the services of a professional installer marble , considering the cost of repairs is more expensive , especially if you have to buy replacement of damaged marble.

Want to install marble floors in the bathroom ? Is fine , as long as you do not forget to give antislip treatment so that the surface is not slippery when exposed to water splashes . Areas such as the foyer and lounge is the right place to bring the beauty of natural materials on this one . If you want to look attractive once rustic , do not hesitate to combine two colors of marble . Combination can be done by arranging alternately , like a chessboard , or the border for the end result is a much simpler

Marble floors care

Marble care needs to be handled carefully . Use a soft broom and a damp mop . Avoid liquid floor cleaner that is too hard or abrasive nature , because it can reduce the luster of marble , and even make the colors fade .
To avoid permanent stains on the marble , the surface must be given a protective coating . Provision of this layer is not sufficient only done once , you need to do it again as instructed suppliers

Tips usage marble floors

1. Marble shiny indeed impressive luxury and elegant , cream-colored marble mix with the overall feel of the room

2. For the shower , apply a marble floors with modern style

3. For the dining room , make sure you use marble given a protective coating . Without the protective layer , food and beverage color that falls on it can leave permanent stains .

4. The marble floors and a wooden deck can be an inspiration featuring a perfect blend of elegance and tropical impression

Excess marble floors

• The pattern does not have the same

• Durable

• Have a luxurious appearance

Marble floors shortage

• Not cheap , either price or installation material

• Memorable cold and somewhat stiff

• Easily stained and not waterproof , unless given a protective coating

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