Minimalist Bedroom For Young Couple

Minimalist bedroom current favorite newly married couple. Regardless of whether you live in an apartment or a house, a bedroom minimalist inhabited only by you and your partner are an ideal choice. The bedroom is the room most privacy, since most of the time you spent in this area, therefore, the interior design of a room to sleep more concerned with occupant desires in order to give peace and comfort.

Minimalist bedroom do not always have to be large and spacious. Structuring a proper bed with furniture that fits allocation can make a bedroom feel comfortable. In a minimalist image, the arrangement of furniture more attention in terms of practical, compact, and functional.

Simple minimalist bedroom vintage shades can be presented in this design. Monochrome color combination such as white, gray, and black can provide vintage colors, especially with the black color as the background color that is affixed to the wall paintings of pop stream, which can be balanced with white color on the wallpaper.

Minimalist bedroom can also be equipped with a credenza that serves as an open storage. As for the dressing area, the furniture can be a closet used for storing clothes and accessories as well as a multifunctional drawer. Furniture dressers included in furniture dressing area.


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