Planning Bathroom Decor

Planning bathroom – So you decide to plan a bathroom decor, which may be after 10 years of use there is some material that begins to break down, or you start to feel bored with the interior design of your bathroom, perhaps planning bathroom decorating tips below can be enlightening for you:

Set A Budget

The first thing to do is determine your budget and still spiked on the numbers that have been set. Do not forget to include the cost of installation and decoration. Consider the extra expense in calculating your budget that may be missed, such as the plug, the curve is wasted, handle water tanks, taps, mixing hot and cold water, towing, pumps and parts for plumbing.

If you have to spend a huge cost for equipment and waterways, the rest of your budget will be left a little bit to the stage decoration. Do not overlook the finishing touches such as a cup for toothbrush, trash, bathroom rugs, and towels.

Start Planning Bathroom

Planning is the most important part. Make a plan before you begin work. This will reduce problems and stress in the next stage. Start with the board to pour mood (moodboard). Seek inspiration from magazines, books, catalogs, and Tear off the images that interest you. Collect examples favorite paint and fabric samples. Stick it on a piece of cardboard with pictures. This method can condense your idea and give a visual plan of the room like what you earn.

If you’ve got a clear picture of the end result you want to achieve, you should come out and see what is available. Visit the nearest bathroom showroom and display samples studied to get an idea. See the catalog and what is offered online. You will also get useful ideas about the layout and finishing touch by visiting the model home at the exhibition. Take enough time to look around before buying.

When deciding on a plan of purchase, ask for all equipment costs, installation, and decorations. This is to ensure that such costs still make your budget. Request a quotation in writing some of the store bathroom professional installation. Three quotation is sufficient for decision making based on information that is clear and economical.

Always ask for references, and do follow-up. If possible, use a personal recommendation when hiring a plumber, electrician, fixer ceramics and glazier or contact the store to get the names of the best experts in your area.

Always confirm all written scope of work. Determine how long it takes to complete the job. What services could be delayed, and how long. This is important so that you can make an alternative facility. If you only have one bathroom, can not be used even within a single day, will cause inconvenience.


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