Poison In The House That Can Be Dangerous

Poison in the house – Chemicals and materials can be hazardous to the health of the home , especially if the chemicals trapped in the house because of poor ventilation . Therefore , we must be very careful in interior design , especially the threat of poison in the house is often not detected. The most common symptoms are irritation of the eyes , respiratory disorders , asthma , allergies , neck and head pain , fatigue , and skin irritation . Actually the term stick building syndrome has been known for a long time , and this syndrome result in residents losing concentration , low motivation , depression , as well as other physical illnesses

If these symptoms occur , consider whether you are new to renovate the house or add something in the house . Eg dizziness symptoms occur after having a new microwave or electric oven , or symptoms of shortness of breath occurs after you paint the house . Note also whether there are other contaminants , such as water , soil , air and noise

There are several main sources that lead to the emergence of poison in the house:

The garage and service area . Cans remaining oil or oil that drips in the garage can cause odors and toxins that could spread into the house . Ideally detached garage of the house. If not, close the garage meetings when the car heats , as well as clean the floor regularly and remove traces of oil that does not need to be

Floor coverings . Pay attention to the materials used for floor coverings in the house . Plywood boards have a resin that is not good for health . Old wood will be better for flooring materials . Vinyl and plastic floor coverings emit chemicals vinyl chloride and pollute the environment . Use of natural floor coverings such as tile , stone , or wood . If on the carpet , you should use a carpet of natural materials such as wool fibers , hessian , or other grasses . Nylon and polyester carpets emit toxic substances that are harmful to health

Walls . Wall plaster and cement materials can release substances that are harmful formaldehyde and radon . The walls of the asbestos material is also harmful to health . If you find asbestos in the house should be replaced with other materials . The walls should be made of building materials that can breathe , such as brick , wood , and other natural materials . Also use water-based paint , instead of being based chemicals . Finishing materials such as varnish and paint new release substances that are harmful , so do not forget to air before use

Kitchen equipment . Fuels like kerosene and LPG can be harmful to health . In addition combustible , leaking LPG containing monoxide can be deadly . LPG also emit carbon dioxide , sulfur dioxide which reduces the human ability to absorb oxygen and cause dizziness and unconsciousness due to respiratory obstruction

Furniture and Finishing . Foam material used for sofas , mattresses, chairs , and pillows that emit potentially harmful substances polyurethane . Preferably sofa using a filler material that has low content of polyurethane or other substitute materials that are natural . Fabrics can also be toxic when treated or coated with chemicals . Always check what material is used to make the cloth

Household Cleaning Materials . Materials furniture polish , bleach clothes and detergent , it contains toxins that are not good for health . Use these materials to a minimum

Electronic devices . Electronic devices in the home such as televisions , radios , computers , microwave and washing machine can pose a danger of the energy it releases . Not only radiation and electrical hazards to the human body , but also can damage the environment . Electrical energy can also cause some health problems such as high blood pressure , and disrupt sleep . Use of electronic goods is as minimal as possible

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