Recognize Types Of Interior Design Styles

We can easily find home decorating models through blogs, websites and magazines. But we often feel confused when going to apply it to our own home.

Yes, the design we see is a full image that may be a bit difficult to apply directly.

Room decoration is so individual and unique, for it to make it easier to mencontek a style, it helps us learn the basics of interior design model.

By knowing one by one interior design model, you can understand which model is preferred and be a guide to find the right furniture model. Quoted from Homedit, consider the differences between the types of interior design follows

Bohemian (Boho Chic) Style

Bohemian or boho-chic style is anything that reflects individuality. This style is a manifestation of freedom, modern appearance and colorful collections. A boho-chic style room is perfect for defining your personal and aesthetic style.

Coastal Style

Coastal or nautical style is synonymous with the feel of a holiday on a soothing beach. Sunlight, waves and sand are the inspiration for this one.

A room that adopts nautical style will make you feel at home for a touch of blue and comfortable furniture.


Contemporary style is basically a blend of contemporary and future concepts. This model gives warm and cold feel at the same time.

With a clean look, it’s almost uncommon to find knick knacks in a contemporary room. Basic elements such as neutral colors, clean and smooth become the main characteristic.


This concept represents freedom of expression, without rules and many mix and match games. Eclectic style is also different from other types of home decor, because it combines several types of styles into one.

The room feels comfortable to occupy the occupants.


Industrial style is a mixture of raw materials. A bit of an eccentric touch that joins the primitive nuances

Industrial is so closely associated with texture furniture, something that is gray and looks original. Characterized by unfinished walls and high ceilings, the industrial space feels cool without relying on air conditioning.


This one model is often associated with modern concepts. Minimalism is a style that combines aesthetics and simplicity.

A room that adopts minimalist style contains some simple furniture that can display maximum decoration effect.


Mengadopsi dari negeri Maroko, Morrocan Style sangat kaya dengan sejarah, warna dan tekstur. Pola yang ramai dengan warna warni cerah menjadi komponen arsitektur yang ditampilkan di ruangan.

Morrocan Style juga identik dengan apresiasi global mengenai desain yang bagus.


Rustic style is so attached to everything that is natural, and lifestyle that is “grounded.” No wonder, if the contents of furniture is made of many handmade materials, recycled and repurposed.

You may need a strong imagination in creating the right rustic style.


ften referred to as the Swedish style, Scandinavia is a concept that represents warmth and joy. Generally this style gives a casual impression that looks from a mixture of furniture that looks simple but charming


The model that features this flower motif represents an ancient model that is timeless. Vintage furniture is generally tens of years old but still looks sturdy and charming.

A room decorated by ordinary vintage models filled with antique collections such as cups and jars that look classic.

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