Separate Baby Room Or Baby Room Together With Mom?

Separate baby room – One of the special needs that can support growth in infancy , is the bedroom . The bedrooms are healthy , comfortable , and safe are the bedrooms desired dream of every parent to the fruit of his love . Of course, this baby’s bedroom does not need fancy , but decent and better meet the requirements . Here are some reviews of why infants require different rooms with room children or adults .

•Babies have special needs , such as feeding and defecating and urinating on the bed .
•Babies need the peace , comfort , and safety .
•Babies need a place that can help him quickly adapt to the environment .
•Babies need an atmosphere that can stimulate and optimize growth .

Determining the location of the nursery , closely related to the availability of space in the home , economic factors and other considerations , such as safety , comfort , health , especially the elderly people’s privacy . Therefore , there are basically two types of baby room to choose from, which are fused or separate room with the parents’ room . Each type of room the baby has advantages and disadvantages that will be described hereinafter

There is a good selection of baby room layout has been planned before birth . It is intended that the rooms can be laid out nicely and can be directly used . The most important thing is the baby’s room should be able to support optimal infant growth

A. Separate baby room with parents

A separate baby room with parents usually are in a separate room . This is because there are other spaces in the home that can be utilized . In addition, the economic capacity of the host to be able to prepare and organize the nursery in determining

Basically election of the baby room layout due to a strong desire for a baby can have an independent person . In addition to this, there are several other reasons parents choose to provide the nursery separately as follows :

•Babies independent fast . By getting the baby to sleep alone since early can stimulate the growth of baby’s brain to get used to tackle the problem alone .

•Babies can someday be a brave man . It is assumed that in his solitude baby will be individuals who are brave and not always depend on others .

•Parents do not want disturbed and bothered by the presence of the baby . However , this is less supportive to growth psychologically .

•Separate rooms are considered safer and more comfortable for the baby .

When examined more deeply , there is a positive side and the negative side when the baby has a separate room with parents . The positive side , the baby’s room separated from the parents is as follows :

•Infants avoid the danger posed by the equipment parents during sleep and limb movements of parents who can not sleep quietly.

•Infants avoid the danger of transmission of the illness of parents . This happens when a parent is suffering from infectious diseases , such as influenza , cough , measles , tuberculosis , and so on . With separate beds , the possibility of transmission of the disease can be minimized .

On the other hand , the negative aspects that arise are as follows :
•The possibility of the baby’s needs are not immediately known and met. If the baby is sleeping separately , usually needs a new baby can be seen when the baby is crying and vice versa .

•Psychological relationship between parents and infants less closely because of the lack of physical contact from a parent that can lead to psychological relationship Loosening them both.

B. Baby room together with parents

Some considerations nursery together or close to the parent’s room is the baby can sleep with their parents and felt the touch immediately to strengthen the psychological relationship between the two. This will give serenity and peace and strongfully psychological stimulation for babies so it is good for growth and development.

The following positive aspects that can affect the baby’s development if the parents choose to rooming with a child.

•Proximity to parents will increase the affection between them . In addition, parents will better understand the needs of the baby in the future growth and development .

•The need for a baby can be immediately identified and met by both parents rang . The needs of the other as between breast-feeding, changing diapers , and so on .

•Babies will feel the surrounding environment can provide warmth . Baby will feel calm , comfortable , and safe , free from anxiety , fear , and worry .

•Parents will better understand the nature and wants a baby so it can determine how to treat the baby with the right .

While some negative aspects , if parents choose to room with the baby is as follows :
•The possibility arises harm caused by bedding parents and limb movement of parents who can not sleep quietly.

•The possibility of disease transmission hazards arising from parent to child .

Choosing a baby’s room sharing a room with parents means the double room . That it should be avoided because of security babies less intact . Thus , parents should really be careful when choosing to sleep in the same room and the same bed with her baby . Parents should be able to control the position and movement of the body as well as avoiding the use of heavy equipment adequate sleep .

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