Simple Way To Make Rooftop Garden

The rooftop garden is one effective way to help prevent or reduce the speed of global warming, adding green open space in the roofs of houses, buildings, hotels and offices. Rooftop garden is as an alternative reforestation to improve the quality big city environmental health.

Terms of creating a garden on the roof is not too difficult. The minimum extent of 3 × 3 square meters. Conditions were flat or sloping roof does not matter. Land roof garden which will be made where no benchmark. Likewise, the existing space at the bottom of the garden, free.

Make sure the structure should not be leaking. Must be carried out tests to determine the condition of the roof really not leaking or seeping.

Test is easy way. Flush on the roof until the water is stagnant. Allow two or three days. When at the bottom there is no absorption, meaning the roof safely. Can be continued manufacture roof garden. However, if it appears seepage, suggested improvements in the roof first.

In addition to the shade, roof garden can also be used to absorb toxic gases.

There are several stages in the manufacture of roof garden. Early stage, leave it to a professional civil engineering to improve the structure of the building. The next stage is an area of ​​the plant, the following stages:

– Coat with water proofing. Let it sit for a day until it is completely dry,

– Aci, namely the addition of a layer of cement, requires drying for a day,

– Give the water-retaining layer (drainage cell) and a retaining layer (geotextile).

Given the expanse of land and ready for planting vegetation. Planting begins grass, bushes, shrubs plant new trees. To prevent damage to the waterproof coating (water proof layer), a barrier layer must be added to the plant roots do not damage the waterproof coating and the concrete underneath.

To select the right plants is also a strategy of its own. The following tips:

Characteristics of plants

– Resistant to direct sunlight (heat plant), It is important to note given the location of the plant growth will have a distance closer to the sun than ordinary garden.

– Avoid root crops such as palm plunged downward. Choose one that has roots spread and slow growth, Example: pagoda tree.

– It has a growth rate that is often / diligent flowering, Example, rose, jasmine, periwinkle, bougainville.

– Have branching much to create a form that is rather lush. Example: pagoda tree, frangipani.

Type of plant commonly used

– Soft trunked plants, among others, aracea, rulea, lily paris brasil, yellow pandanus, sambang blood.

– Plants trunked hard, among other things, bougainville, Cambodia.

– Flowering plants, among others, rose, jasmine.

Because the plants on the roof exposed to direct sunlight and the wind faster, watering should be done regularly.

Depth of planting medium for grass requires 20 to 30 centimeters, as well as cover crops. Meanwhile, shrubs and small trees require a depth of 60-105 centimeters. Big trees need a depth of almost 2 meters.
Rooftop garden gallery below maybe can inspired you, enjoy…

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