Small Bathroom Remodel With Spatial Illusion Tips

In the small bathroom remodel often we mess around with limited space . Do not worry if you have a bathroom that is cramped and claustrophobic . Here’s how to use space more efficiently and enhance the look of your small bathroom remodel airy with spatial illusion tips :

• Use a monochrome scheme, one color for the walls, windows, blinds, and floors. This will dramatically increase the feeling of space. Even brighter the color, the better.

• Maximize the room with furniture double function, clear surface, and intelligent lighting. Look for accessories that are useful, for example, the towel rail which can accommodate dish soap.

• Use space above and below the equipment. Place the cupboard under and above the sink, around the bath tub and on the wall above it. Create with shelves, for instance shape stand, which take up less space on the wall and forming an effective room divider.

• Build a solid wall around the bath tub that provides additional surface for toiletries, soaps, candles, and other items, and to create space for a built-in shelves or cupboards underneath.

• Fill an empty wall with benches built in. This bench provides the ideal place to relax or pamper yourself after bathing. Add cupboard underneath to create extra storage space. If you do not have enough space for a bench, you can still use an empty corner by installing shelves that can also be used as a seat angle.

• If the storage area around the bath tub and the tub is limited, use the wall. Hang a shower with a stylish chrome color on the linkage or shower fixtures. Use a toothbrush and soap dish hanging. Choose accessories that are easily attached to the ceramic tile or glass.

• Shelves bath in a variety of materials be an ideal choice for storage area above the tub.

• Place the colorful plastic or metal stylish place in the shower floor. Categorize shampoo, liquid soap, and soap ty there.

• If you have a room on the floor, give an old drawer, buffet, or a small wardrobe, a new idea how to use it in the shower. Update with paint, wood stain or varnish to match your design scheme. Remember to add a waterproof outer layer, such as polyurethane varnish for durability. Use it to store towels, make-up, cleaning products-so the room looked neat.

• Stitch together small boxes made of voile voile panel to form a pocket which may contain lighter items. Plug in a window or shower rails, or use as a cover in front of the shelf to hide the lack of neatness. You can also buy a shower curtain in accordance with the order with pockets for storage.

• Use baskets, trays, beautiful bowl or glass jar to separate the beauty products into categories that can be easily retrieved, such as body lotion and face cream.

With a few tips small bathroom remodel , will create a broad impression, so, do not bother anymore in designing a bathroom for narrow space.

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