Small Furniture By Processing The Point And The Line Field

Small furniture – As already described in previous writings that form the basis of the minimalist furniture is geometric forms which are then modified into a simple shape, firm,yet still pretty. Decorative elements such as profiles, carving, and excessive texture is hardly visible at all. In its implementation, in order to avoid the emergence of boredom, the shape of furniture often made asymmetrical and finishes with a light and natural finish. Processing and the unification of simple shapes can be done in the form of a minimalist furniture, ranging from processing lines, areas, and volumes.

Points, lines, and areas

The point is the beginning of all shapes and combined rows of dots that will form a line. The second element in the illustration is not solely used singly, but may also be applied in the form of a specific pattern of repetition so that build.
An example of the form of the point on the furniture can be applied in the form of regular seating facilities known as poeff. Please note color selection here, i.e.neutral colors dominate the room. The color red on one poeff, in addition to being the focus, also serves as the accent so that room into not monotonous.

The line element will be more varied than the point because its more dynamic.Repeating a line that can be used directly in the form of furniture or utilize furniture as elements to decorate the space with how to set its placement in such a way to resemble the stripes lined up.

The placement of the form line on furniture can be strengthened by the placement of elements of the line on the wall, for example by making use of wallpaper. Vertical line will make the room appear to be higher, making it suitable to be applied to the room with low ceilings, while the horizontal line is able to create the effect of the room becomes more widespread.

There are several explanations of some guidelines when choosing furniture taking into account range form a line to get around the room:

• In the narrow room, use furniture that has a dimension of “thin” to come up with a broad effect on a room, for example the furniture that is low but extends to the side. For example can be used to levitate credenza.

• In an area that has a low ceiling, take advantage of high furniture but lean. The effect of the vertical line will make the room look taller.

• If the room is narrow, to avoid the pattern of lines that are too tightly on the wall as it will make the room look more full.

• Focus on the use of the line on one part of the room, such as basic guidelines a minimalist style that has been described previously. Therefore, place the furniture on one side of the room just so that the focus is not fragmented.

With small furniture by processing the point and the line field, hopefully coul be one of alternative for your home design.


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