Small Space Furniture By Processing Volume And Geometric Shapes

Small space furniture – Basically, the game volume in furniture have the same principle with the previous form, namely, points, lines, and areas. This is due to the triangle,rectangle, and so on have a shape similar to the line, that is a combination ofthe lines. Therefore, the diverse forms that can be used by applying the principle of repetition and the placement of that form a pattern, just like a point and a line.

However, please note that the forms have the effect of a more “heavy”compared to the point and line, so caution is required in its use so that the concept of minimalism in the room is not overlooked. The volume need approach and caution in its application. Typically storage that uses the door cover so that it forms a spacious field could reduce the volume of forms of ornament at the surface. Because it’s already impressive weight, high volume areas thus appear more modest, but still elegant

To avoid monotony, the game shapes on furniture can be the interesting thing.Forms running out at the
cabinet table was designed not without function, part of the left-wing base and adding land to be used as a storage area, other than the drawer that is right in the middle of the top. A simple form on the coffe table for your living room can also be applied, so that it shows simplicity, light,clean, and certainly represent advances in existing technologies. The material that it’s possible to create a form that is acrylic, resin, and glass.

The application of the interior space is composed of some of the furniture which play areas and volume of geometric basic shape, other than applied on single orloose furniture, game geometric shapes can be played as a theme on home interior arrangement. The use of the rectangular-shaped poeff and comes with a bookcase that was created with the form boxes can also be applied to other, i.e.,low table used transparent acrylic material so that the room is more spacious and light effect. The form of a simple Bookshelf has a basic geometric shape of a rectangle. But with the modification of the arch in the second corner making bookshelves look more elegant and unusual

Small space furniture with volume and geometric games hopefully may inspire you designing minimalist house.

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