This Minimalist House Has An Amazing Interior Design Just For 48000 Dollars

Amazing Interior Design – Many of the readers have wistfully expressed their desire to buy one of the cute DIY houses that we cover now and then. Well, we couldnt get their prices because they were DIY projects by some enthusiastic individuals. Now we are back with yet another trailer house complete with all living in requirements and this time it could be your house for a hefty sum of money being asked for it.

The minuscule home has been curiously named Toybox Home. Since it is subtle, and the appearance of the whole thing gives us the feeling that Ken and Barbie would emerge out of it any moment. Despite the appearance, it is a complete, livable house with a sleeping section, living room, a kitchen and one of the smallest baths. Besides the fact that it is so adorable, the house has been made with good insulation and environment-friendly manner with a much-reduced footprint.

Here is how it looks from the outside; Yes, this is scaled to actual size.

toybox 48 K

You can take it wherever you want as it can be attached to any truck with ease.

toybox 48 K11

The roofs of the Toybox Home are made of a white thermoplastic material that not only saves it from sub-freezing temperatures, but also gives good UV radiation protection with no need for connecting to power now and then.The house has been engineered very carefully to cater for the demands of trailer enthusiasts. It has its irrigation system that can be used to water plants in the vicinity. The house draws the water from sinks and shower so that the water usage is subdued. There are windows everywhere so natural light can lighten the home during daytime.

A first look at the interior leaves you baffled. It is quite larger than what it appears to be from the outside.

toybox 48 K-3

See those foam stool? They are also used as storage cabinets when doubled up. The fold-up table can be adjusted to create room for more people.

toybox 48 K4

The kitchen is a compact 20-square feet area with refrigerator and freezer deployed under the sink. It has a low flow outlet to reduce the water consumption.

Here is is the fold-up table that can be adjusted against the wall.

toybox 48 K7

The bathroom is big enough for you to bathe in comfortably. The tap on the sink converts into a shower as it is removable and extendable.

toybox 48 K8

Above the bathroom is the sleeping area big enough to have a full king-sized mattress. So, it is enough space for a couple to live in at least.

toybox 48 K9

See the windows close to the mattress. Imagine the kind of views they could provide!

toybox 48 K10

Dont worry about the cold getting in as the whole thing has been insulated with fiberglass. The floor has a heating system that can keep it warm in sub-freezing temperatures. Right now, this complete portable home is available for a whopping 48 thousand dollars in Lake Forest, Illinois. The house was manufactured by tiny house listings that have some other options as well so do check them out. The house was a singular effort, and that is the reason behind its expensiveness. But you got some excellent ideas from it, didnt you? A similar house can be made in a quarter of the price if you are a good craftsman!

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