Tips To Choose Furniture For Small Spaces

Furniture for small spaces – Material selection for the minimalist furniture is not easy. There is no specific directive issued by the designers of home and minimalist furniture. However, if the return on the phrase less is more, clarity, simplicity, and the ornament is crime, the most fitting material applied to the minimalist furniture is a material with the texture of finely preserved its authenticity, simple, and effective clean and light.

Material selection of the wood should be emphasized on the wood textured is smooth and has a tone light colors, such as teak. If the wood used has a rough texture, can be polished with melamik. In addition, the texture is smooth and light can give the impression of a cleaned and lightly on a minimalist space. Tone the darker wooden colors can also be used on a minimalist furniture. Use textured furniture dark wood such as teak or cherry dark in an area dominated by a light color, such as cream or pastel green. Thus, the impression would be created in the warm room.

Mix two wood fiber in one furniture is also becoming interesting, as well as blending two colors in one furniture. In addition to the material wood or different layers, such as HPL and melaminto, in a minimalist house furniture,stone and concrete material will often be found. In addition to having image firm and clean, both the material capable of carrying modern impression if styled properly. The use of stone and concrete to look for textures. Therefore, use the fine-textured material and tend the shiny so easy to clean

Because of the stone and concrete gave the impression of a “cold” then use of wood can still be applied to warm the atmosphere. In addition on the interior of the House, like the floor, walls, sills, and leaves the door, wood has also become the main ingredient of the minimalist furniture, besides the use of the material glass and stainless steel that often appear predominantly on minimalist product design. For the use of natural, polished wood must be ascertained original condition the wood texture is nice and smooth. If not, the wood should besealed with duco or melamik finish, but the wood is original texture preserved remains a better option

If using concrete, make sure the work was done carefully so that a smooth concrete surface is obtained. One example of the application of concrete is the built-in furniture made of concrete or concrete is exposed, then combined withdrawer made of multiplex with layers of HPL wood motif. For normal use,concrete is made as smooth as possible because it is those furniture contained within the interior spaces. Try a smooth surface for each horizontal plane. If you want to wear a more textured surface, we recommend that you apply on the vertical plane, because the horizontal plane will save more dust, so it’s difficult to clean.

If you want a more textured concrete, rough plastering technique done carefully so that the texture was created not too rough. Another case on the use of the material glass, acrylic, aluminum, and stainless steel. These materials have the impression of light and clean, so it can support a minimalist atmosphere in your home. Furniture for small spaces, it’s no longer something that’s difficult for you in his election.


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