Walk In Bathtubs : Secure Your Bathroom

Walk in bathtubs become an option in designing a bathroom . There are few things that provide a sense of relaxed and safe . And those few, one of which is soaking in warm water at night . Your choice for the tub may be dictated by space and budget constraints . But with so many options available , no one can hinder your imagination . Various forms of the style , material , and size of the bathtub can be found in the showroom . Do not be shy , go in and try to walk in bathtubs to get the size and comfort .

Why walk in bathtubs?

The bathroom can be one dangerous place in your home , especially children and the seniors . So the choice of a walk in bathtub is a solution , because to get into his bath they do not have to lift a foot , enough to open the door on the bath tub . As we know , the bathroom is a wet and slippery , making it susceptible to slip on when we walk or time of entry into the tub . Parents are very fond of the existing security features on walk in bathtubs , especially with the seats and taps that can be installed according to our wishes

Of the many options in designing a bathroom, a walk in bathtubs is a wise choice because it has the following features:

• The height of the wall: Model varies from about 37-47 inches. This is helpful for people with limited mobility or those who have become shaky because it reduces the chances of them falling out of the tub or worse, through the glass of the bathroom door. Sometimes the door lever difficult for seniors and people with mobility problems to operate.

• Built – in shower seat: Most of the high chair and include a textured surface to prevent slipping out of the seat, which allows for a more secure bath

• Textured Floor: The floor surface texture can prevent someone from slipping.

• Valve anti – blister: Used to keep the water from becoming too hot to prevent burns.

• In-line heater: The in-line heater helps to stay the continuing hot water at a temperature Because the treatment jets are being employed

Design Walk in Bathtubs

Purchase walk in bathtubs for anything if you have enough money and space . But if you have a small bathroom , look for models that save space . Select walk-in tub is smaller than the standard , with the stand slightly raised , so that you do not toe kicking a bathtub . Walk in bathtubs are placed in the corner of the wall will provide sufficient space for other equipment . This type is also a practical option for a room with an odd shape . The advantage for you , because the walk in bathtubs comes with many choices of colors , shapes and designs . The bathtub was not difficult to install , so the plumber and carpenter can install the unit for you at a minimal cost , so the use of walk in bathtubs can be an alternative in designing your bathroom .

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